Chilin Education Foundation
Chilin Education Foundation
"The human heart determines the happiness, peace, and harmony of the world. Reliving suffering and distress is not the responsibility of Bodhisattva, and paradise is not a gift from above. Deliverance from suffering and distress requires the constant polishing and elevation of one’s spiritual being, which can be accomplished through cultural and educational pursuits."

Based on these values, Lin I-hsiung (林義雄) and Fang Su-min (方素敏) founded the Chilin Education Foundation in 1991. Following the founding of Chilin, the Chilin Culture and Education Center, the Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum, the Chilin Memorial House, the Taiwan Social Movement Archives Center, and the Chilin Academy were built, as Lin and Fang view cultural education and social reforms as important elements to foster people's souls in the long term. They hope that Chilin can become a permanent place that promotes and advocates all kinds of cultural activities and reform movements.

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We make announcements about upcoming events at Chilin,
such as forums, special exhibitions for arts and performances, etc.

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We run activities, such as workshops for adults, summer camps for youth, and concerts,
hoping to build an environment where you can join us and create memories that will last forever.

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Summer Music Camp for Kids 2019 – Hava Nagila, Let's Have Fun Together


Chilin Concert Celebration for the Establishment of the Chilin School of Social Development


Hsiao Fu-Jung Art Exhibition 2021


The Chilin Education Foundation welcomes all interested individuals and groups.
We invite you to visit Chilin and experience a journey that touches on life, history, and democracy. We sincerely look forward to meeting you.
The Chilin Annex, which was open to the public on Mother's Day of 2015, is predominantly used to hold concerts and special exhibitions.
Established in 2002, the Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum presents the harsh history of the Taiwanese people pursuing democracy over the course of a hundred years. Through the exhibition, we hope that our visitors will recognize: Despite difficulties, or even sacrifices, while pursuing democracy, persistent faith and consistent hard work are what make the ideal come true.
The Chilin Memorial House is the reconstruction of the Lins' residence, where the founders' mother and twin daughters were murdered on February 28th, 1980. The building, which incorporates characteristics of three distinctive eras, has been registered as a historic building by the Yilan County Government in 2002 due to its historical significance and the traditional Minnan architectual style.
Located on the first floor of the Chilin Educational Center, the Chilin Art Museum displays the artworks granted by the Chilin donors over years. We hope that this permanent exhibition can inspire our visitors and enrich their life.
Located in the basement of the Chilin Educational Center, the Chilin Calligraphy Gallery has the permanent exhibition of calligraphers Chen Yun-Cheng's (陳雲程), Kang Yan-Chiuan's (康灩泉) and his descendents', and Wu Ji-Ru's (吳季如) collections. It is also a place to display the calligraphy arts granted by the Chilin's donors over years.